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So called "smart" TV's

Smart TV's are often described as "internet ready" but in reality unless it's a really expensive one they can be very limiting.

There is no standard operating system or interface for smart TVs. Nearly every smart-TV maker uses different software and a different graphical presentation. Some companies use a variety of operating systems and interfaces depending on the model.

Can you surf the Web on a smart TV?

Some, but not all smart TVs will let you go online. This requires a special browser that is not only compatible with all the HTML standards that websites use, but also able to convert and display those sites properly on a big screen. Basically that means that most smart TVs will be inadequate to function properly with UK TV SOAPS.

Can a smart TV watch you?

Yes, it can. Information you share on a Facebook app on a TV or when ordering on Amazon or Netflix on the big screen is shared in the same way as when you conduct such business on a PC or a smartphone.

In 2012, computer researchers demonstrated ways to break into particular smart TVs that had built-in video cameras and microphones, and then eavesdrop on people in their living rooms.

In addition, companies can collect private information about you and your viewing habits from a smart TV. Late in 2013, for example, LG admitted that it had received information about what channels owners were watching, even after those users turned on the privacy setting. (LG said this was due to a software bug that has since been corrected.)

Recently, Vizio agreed to pay $2.2 million to settle claims that the company collected viewing data from 11 million TVs without getting the owners' approval. The secret monitoring included information about not just app use, but also what owners watched on their disc players, cable systems and even over-the-air broadcasts.