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Usernames and Passwords are CaSe SeNsItIvE

Common reasons for login failures

Incorrect input:

Maybe you have left a space before or after the username/password.

Using an incompatible device or browser:

Some devices or browsers may have settings or content blockers restricting you. Check them.

Did you complete BOTH username and password:

On Ipads for example when your keyboard pops up it may be concealing one of the boxes.

You are using a smart TV:

Read my Q&A page about those things.

You are using a VPN:

Turn it off. Much of our site will not work with some VPN's.

Are you trying to bypass the Home Login page:

You might get away with that a few times and you will still have to log in, but I now rename directories on a regular basis to prevent past non paying members from stealing our bandwidth. If you have created your own shortcuts to internal pages sooner or later you will hit a blank wall and probably wont know why. Only use the official Member Login button to gain access to the site, it is found on nearly every page in the Home section, there is also a link to the Home Page at the top of every page in this help section. Also bypassing the Members Home page can lead to further problems accessing SOME of our content.


Or in other words "It happens sometimes". Just try again.

If after checking the above you still can't login, get back to me telling me your device, your browser and if you have previously logged in successfully with the same. Please bear in mind the more info you can give the quicker I can hopefully find a solution. It is no good just saying this site doesn't work for you, I need details.