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Getting UK TV SOAPS on Firesticks and FireTV's (my review)

UK TV SOAPS is a website, a complex one yes but still just a website. If you want to get our website on your Firestick or FireTV you first need to install a good web browser on the device.

The best web browser I have found for these devices is the Amazon Silk browser and readily available in your app store.

Movies and all Top TV Series play fine and contain no advertising whatsoever.

I found selecting the desktop version of UK TV SOAPS website was best as it gave back control for fullscreen viewing although the reverse was the case in the Soaps Catchup section. I hate it when some app or device thinks it knows better than me how a website should be displayed.

Big issue regarding privacy

I discovered on the internet that these devices are wriggled with basic security flaws. They also relay to Amazon everything you do and voice command you give, they are worse than Google. So unless you are happy with some unregulated private company knowing more about you than you know yourself use these devices with caution and NEVER log into your bank on one.

Please Note: Firesticks and FireTV's are what I call "fringe" devices, to me they fall into the same category as and so called "smart" TV's & phones (they are not that smart). You will always be fighting with these products to get proper and full internet content and are unlikely to succeed 100%.