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Having problems with some of the channels

Sometimes members may experience problems, it happens. But before cursing down the internet at support (me) have a quick scan through these FAQ's because the answer to your problem might be here.

If you feel you want someone to explain your plight to I am here for you, I'm not a bad guy and I have patience.

The more information you can give me about your problem the quicker we can get it sorted. For example don't say to me you can't get anything or download anything when we both know the only way that could happen is if my main server went down and then you wouldn't even get the site. I have hundreds of pages, streams and files here from many sources so I know you can get something.

Do this instead

Test a couple of things from several sections and note what is happening, name a couple of movies you can't get and a couple you can, all things like that will help me to get to the bottom of the issue a whole lot faster.

Help me to help you

Stay calm, so you might miss an episode of something, maybe I'll rip it off for you if you ask me nice. But please remember I am just one man working day & night for sweety money and you will get much more out of me if you show me a little consideration. My email address is on the ALL FAQ's page in case you don't know it.